The Effects of a Good Quarterback

Being from New York, I am surrounded by Yankee fans, and it was just kind of annoying to me as a kid.  My older sister and all her friends were big Yankee fans and it just falt out annoyed me.  At a young age, I came to find out that the Red Sox were the Yankees biggest rivals.  For as big of a Yankee hater as I was, it only made sense to start cheering for Boston.  And that’s where that fanhood derived from. Since that shining moment of my youth, I began to focus on what is, the Boston sports world.  I started following and enjoying the Patriots, whilst paying attention to the Bruins and Celtics.  My loyalty to the Sabres has kept me from converting to a Bruins fan, but I do enjoy the Celtics.  As the Bills grew worse and worse, and I joined the fantasy football world, my loyalty to the team has since diminished.

Tom Brady in 2006

Tom Brady in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are like me and my fellow boys you appreciate good quarterback play.  The vision of good quarterback play is Michigan graduate and current NFL, New England Patriot stud, Tom Brady.  Let’s face it, whether you are watching a game from home or at the stadium, it is more exciting to see a game filled with high octane passing rather than conservative 4 yard rushes.  Tom Brady keeps the game alive and going at all times.  Up until this year, the Patriots have not really had a solid running back option, and even this year it isn’t all that great.  It’s because Brady runs that offense.  Like the Green Bay Packers, who have lacked a legit running back for some time now, their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is the main reason that offense flourishes.  It is a quarterback’s league and these two are pure studs.

English: Baylor quarterback, Robert Griffin II...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other quarterbacks who make the game exciting for me to watch are Robert Griffin III, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, and sort of-kind of Matthew Stafford and Big Ben.  These quarterbacks all have diverse abilities to take over the game themselves and put together two minute drives impressive at any level.  Robert Griffin III has especially peaked my interest in the Washington Redskins this year.  After hating Mike Shannahan’s coaching strategies with the Redskins, he has finally got his head on straight with a steady QB who needs to avoid injuries, a decent receiving core and, a good rookie running back.  With these impressive players, he doesn’t have too many difficult choices to make (and fuck up).  RG3 keeps the game exciting with his legs and his arm.  He has the ability to bust an 80 yard run or bomb it 60 yards across the field.  He alone has captured the eyes of many and brought the Redskins back into sight.

Not only does having an exciting, talented quarterback immediately increase your team’s chances of winning, but it gets your city to have some positivity to the organization.  Let’s face it, Cam Newton has had a subpar year, but his talents are unquestionable and they keep the Carolina fans into the scene.  The fact that Cam is just an absolute freak, athletically, and can explode for a huge play at any given moment, makes me and others want to jump on the Cam Newton bandwagon.  Quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick aren’t exactly doing the same.panthers-1

Good quarterbacking makes football exciting to watch and to me, is the most important part of a winning team.  This is why teams like the Bills, Dolphins, Jaguars and more have been so boringly bad for so long.  They haven’t had a solid quarterback in many years.  My earlier honoring of Tom Brady was done so that people could see why I have such a keen respect for the quarterback position.  He has my vote for the top player of our generation, this year’s MVP and possibly the greatest quarterback of all time.  The dude is legit.  I’ve listed his numbers in numerous articles before, so I need not mention again.  Watch him take on the 49ers this weekend, an elite defense, and see what he does to them.  There are no locks for this year’s Super Bowl favorite, but let’s just say we’ll be pulling for Tom… I mean, New England.




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