What Men Should Have in Their Homes- #GiftIdeas

Today’s Gift of the Day is going to come with some complexity.  It is a list of gifts that are in the same genre or playing field.

Every man should have some sort of bar setup in his home or apartment.  Even if he is not a drinker, it is a nice addition to one’s household to be able to serve your guests in an elegant way.  This is not to say you need a full on bar in your living space, but rather necessities and supplies.  A few of my buddies have good setups where their bar is in their dining room in a nice cabinet with the liquor and wine bottles displayed on top and the glasses and other accessories are in opening glass doors below.  Here is our list of what you should have for your bar supplies that make a great gift:

1. Booze- Very obvious, yet it needs to be stated.  Have some white and red wine to choose from, whilst also having sorts of vodka, rum, whisky, and gin.  All are not necessary but the more you build the bar the more your guests will be pleased.BarCartArt

2. Cocktail Shaker- A good cocktail shaker is one of the best gift’s a man can give or receive.  It speaks of elegance and sophistication.  Any asshole can pour some soda into a glass of vodka.  Be able to to whip up a nice Manhattan in your fancy pants cocktail shaker.  A cocktail shaker makes for a great gift on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and groomsmen gifts.

Cobbler shaker (right), jigger, and a bar spoon.

Cobbler shaker (right), jigger, and a bar spoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Wine Opener- Most people use whatever leftover wine opener that is left laying around to pop their bottles.  However, a nice, classy opener speaks loudly when you go to open a bottle for your friends.  Also, an electronic opener makes for an easy, and great, gift option.0813food

4. Rocks Glasses- Men should not be drinking their drinks out of red, plastic cups.  Rocks glasses are smooth and sleek and make drinking a cocktail look much more elegant with their addition.Rocks-Glasses

5. Wine Glasses- If you drink wine or know others will be drinking wine, it is nice to have some good glasses.  A nice wine glass is easy to spot by look and feel.  Having a stock of at least a few nice glasses can go a long way.

Wine Glass

Wine Glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Coasters- Coasters are not a “Must have” but they are a nice addition to any man’s living area.  Don’t ruin your coffee table with rings from condensation.  Be prepared.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

7. A Drink Muddler- Most commonly used to mash up mint leaves for a mojito, a drink muddler is a very nice addition to any man’s bar supplies.muddler-1


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