Today’s Tip of the Day is one directed towards a more stylish outlook: Switch your bands on your watches.  

Hopefully by now, you will have made the purchase of at least one wristwatch.  There are many affordable, stylish brands out there.  Next, my advice is to go out and buy at least one or two bands that will go along with your watch.  If you own a watch with a metal band, buy one leather band (I prefer brown) and one military type band:

Military Band:


Brown Leather:pr_2697_5006-rios1931-leather-watch-bands-crocodile-calf-strap-wrist-watchband-watchstrap-wristband-brown


If you don’t already know it, watch bands are easy to take on and off, it is more or less held together by one or two pins.

Having the luxury of swapping out a band gives people the vision that you are wearing an entirely new and different watch!  Wear your metal band with your black suit and black shoes and wear your brown band with khakis and brown shoes.  Mix and match and see the differences a simple band can make to your look.  I may have stolen this idea from a very good friend of mine who is a bit of a watch guru.  I am fortunate to have my collection of timepieces and bands from him.  Thanks again!


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