Gift Guide- Gifts of the Day

A gift guide is such a complex thing.  I have so many ideas, and in order to make sure that I get them all out to you on time, I may post multiple gifts until the big day.  Today’s Gift of the Day: A Tweed Sport Coat

jcrew_cream_herringbone_tweed_sportcoatTweed is in.  Big time.  This jacket shown above is a piece presented by J Crew.  Order online or shop in stores.  The tweed jacket is one you can throw on over a pair of jeans, khakis, or suit pants.  It goes with everything and is acceptable everywhere. Tweed is a rough, unfinished, woolen fabric that is woven together and allows for more flexibility than that of your average sport coat.  It will keep you warmer more than a suit coat would, so they are more commonly seen in the fall/winter seasons.  Check your local stores (not just J Crew) for an affordable  yet stylish tweed jacket.  


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