With Christmas rolling around, and Christmas parties at every corner, the gift exchange game is always on the prowl.  With that being said, there are going to be some gifts you love and gifts you wish you hadn’t picked.  For example, my family has a gift exchange every year, and there has been a tradition to throw in an old fish that we found in someone’s garbage one year.  It’s the gift that everyone hides from, but when they get it they secretly love it.  Regardless, whoever opens the fish, whether they want it or not, it gets such a big laugh and everyone takes it like a champ.  Which leads us to the tip:167050_551278975999_3953305_n

Today’s Tip of the Day: React positively with whatever gift you open and thank whoever gave it to you (unless it is a secret Santa game).  Nobody likes to see someone open a gift and very blatantly act like they hate it.  It makes everyone uncomfortable.  So throw a smile on and do your best to let people know that you are appreciative (and laugh if it is a gag gift).

** Bonus tip.  Make some sort of goofy tradition like this in your gift exchanges.  I did not even mention the Christmas thong that gets thrown into the gift exchange!  Traditions are great, especially when they’re hilarious. **


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