Gift Guide- Gift of the Day

Today’s Gift of the Day is one which is usually given to men by their women:  Cuff Links. Cuffs2

There are many different ways to go about delivering a solid pair of cuff links for a Christmas gift this year:

  1. Get him the attention seeking, pair of cuffs that is very “Blingy” or dynamic.  Men don’t need flashy jewelry, but they’d wear it on their sleeves.
  2. Customize the cuffs.  Many companies customize cuff links with phrases, initials, or whatever you know he would like on them.  Seek out these companies and do your best.  Sometimes customizing can be cheesy, but I think it’s okay for cuff links.
  3. Get him a high end pair with a name brand he should know: Tom Ford or David Yurman are two great selctions.
Cufflinks 11

Cufflinks 11 (Photo credit: tubblesnap)

Check out the cuff link selection at Tony Walker and Company, located at 5110 Main Street, Amherst NY. 


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