Gift Guide for Your Man- Gift of the Day

Ladies (and gents), we are going to be posting some gift guide ideas for the days leading up until Christmas and wanted you to fully take advantage of some ideas we have come up with:

Beatbox by Dr. Dre Beats: BeatBox_3-4-1This speaker system is an iPod/iPhone dock that allows you to get the absolute highest quality of sound from your music.  It is fully assembled and is one piece of equipement that requires one plug-in outlet.  The system absolutely pumps.  My cousin and I tested this beast out in an empty room and it sounded like we had a full, home sound system setup.  Feel free to test out this gift at Stereo Advantage’s screen room, located in The Walker Center at 5110 Main Street, Amherst New York, or any stereo store that sells Beats products.  This portable, convenient piece is bound to boost any party that you are throwing or attending.


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