Replace Your ‘Tim’ Boots With These

Let me just start by saying that a lot of my friends wear Timberland boots, and there is nothing wrong wit that/them.  I’m simply here to state that there is a more stylish selection of boots out there these days.

In high school, my buddies who rocked Tims were the ones who tried to be the tough guys.  You know them, the 5 foot tall, shit-talking boys from the South towns…  Regardless, all men, all ages wear Timberlands’ and they are a great boot.  I want to introduce some boots that you could consider replacing your Tims with or at least having another option for:

Cole Haan Boots- Cole-Haan-Bismark-BootCole Haan is the brand, the company, that produces a wide variety of men’s and women’s shoes.  I think they do a great job on their boots.  They are supportive, they look great, and they keep your feet warm and dry during these cold and wet seasons.

Clarks-clarks-desert-boots-frontClarks are usually meant to be more of a casual, comfortable boot/shoe.  The company produces a wide variety of shoe selections, but I believe their casual boots are their best product.  They may not be as supportive and sow resistant as Cole Haan boots and Timberlands’ but they certainly are an appropriate selection for kicks.

Chelsea Boots- 258536_212_ss_01Chelsea boots are a bit more tricky to land on than the previous styles mentioned.  They are tricky.  It is really easy t buy a pair of bad chelsea boots and look real stupid.  Some are overly pointy and long and you could end up looking like Austin Powers real fast.  However, styles similar to the picture above, are a very sleek and stylish boot selection.  I do not own a pair of Chelsea’s but I am in consideration.  People who own them, praise them.

Sometimes people wear boots simply to protect them from the snow and slush, but don’t forget that you can bring a sense of style along with your “Bundle Gear”.


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