Why You Should Wear a Watch

With the evolution of cell phones, some people feel that wristwatches are no longer necessary.  The availability of seeking out the time is no further than your wallet, so why wear a wristwatch anymore?

Style: Wristwatches are a stylish addition to any wardrobe.  Whether you are heading to a black tie event, or to the gym, a wristwatch is always an acceptable accessory for a man or woman.  It’s that “Plus one” look to any outfit.  It’s nice to be able to glance at your wrist for the time and see people checking out the hardware you are rocking.  I honestly, often wear watches simply for the look.  I have worn watches that didn’t work, simply because I wanted to have it on with what I was wearing.TieTighten2

Signaling- Though it may be considered rude, a glance at the watch during a casual conversation or meeting can cue the other person that you are ready to end conversation without ever having to say a word.busy man

Etiquette- It is simply impolite to pull your phone out during conversation or other interactions when you want to check the time.  Most often, when you pull your phone out to check the time, you come to see that you’ve received a message and want to reply, or suddenly have a desire to check the news or other apps you have.  With the availability of a watch, you can politely sneak a peak to check the time and not be seen as the jerk who keeps checking his phone.

Watches Project Confidence- Whipping your arm up and taking a glance at your piece is always a way to get someone’s attention.  Let’s just hope it’s for the right reason.

One Acceptable Piece of Jewelry for Men- Men cannot get away with wearing too much jewelry… Because they shouldn’t!  But a wristwatch, is one of few pieces that men are able to flash off, confidently and securely.

Vintage Watch Box

Vintage Watch Box (Photo credit: alexkerhead)


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