Try This

If you own a grey suit, you need to understand that you are limited to the dress shirts you can wear with it.  Here are a few layouts that you can work with.

What I love: A grey suit with a light blue button down shirt.  The shade of your suit can be the lightest grey or can be a tweed suit with a dark shade of grey.  Either way, a light blue button down shirt compliments it quite nicely.  A dark navy tie will look sexy with it.  Maybe even a polka dotted one…lightblue20120929061151692

smahatma grey suit

36873290669589014_4vGmtPU0_bA little lavender in this last one.  There are so many options with a grey suit, this is just one I love.



One thought on “Try This

  1. I love the website and the srhits look great. My only complaint is I am a large dude to be exact a 3xl or ever 4xl depending on the shirt kinda dude. You guys should make 1 size bigger hell I would be willing to pay a few dollars extra. I know there is others like me.

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