What Do You Think?

The subject is a Parka Jacket:

FREE-SHIPPING-MEN-cotton-DOWN-COAT-FUR-HOOD-Parka-LONG-JACKET-outerwear-winter-outdoor-cotton-coats– For him: Available at aliexpress.com

C249-Fur-Trim-Hood-Black-Long-Puffer-Coat-Jacket-Parka-11– For Her: Available at annakastle.com

The parka jacket is something that we here at J Norman Post love.  From a man’s perspective, I do not own a parka jacket.  I have a number of hooded sweatshirts/borderline jackets that have fur laced on the hood and on the inside of the jacket but not an actual parka.  I am more than likely going to pull the trigger soon on a parka, fur hooded jacket, in the near future, and for the right reason.

The parka is a more casual jacket to wear in the colder seasons.  Not something I plan to throw on before a black tie event, but something I’d love to wear for a night on the town, is the parka jacket.  It is a very acceptable, very stylish and very warm piece of fashion.  For men, the jacket is hip and in and gives you that edgy look you desire.  For women, it is sleek and is sure to compliment the rest of your winter gear greatly!  As seen in both pictures, the parka jacket is a great option for this winter weather.  Go for it!




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