Today’s Tip of the Day: Breakup, don’t cheat.  If you are feeling tempted to explore and are losing interest in your spouse, let them off easy and breakup before breaking them even more by cheating.  man woman hands holding broken heart

Men and Women (majority wise) would rather be broken up with than cheated on (then leading to an uglier breakup).


One thought on “#TipOfTheDay

  1. How about the old adage, better to be the one they’re cheating with than the one they’re cheating on? It’s all a slippery slope, and no one ever wins when cheating is involved. There is, however, one rule men should never break: Married women are off limits. No one likes a wifef#$%^&.

    I’m sure Emma is pleased with today’s tip. Here’s my tip for the day: She’s the real thing.

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