9 Themes and Ideas for Your Christmas Parties This Year

Planning some Holiday parties this Christmas season?  Hopefully!  Holiday themed parties are some of the best you can do!  There are many little options that can spice up parties and we are here to fill you in on a few:

1. Ugly Sweaters- Ugly sweater Christmas parties seem to never get old.  It’s a fun way to get the gang together, possibly exchange gifts, and just have a good time.  So raid your Mom’s closet for her oldest Christmas sweaters or head to a local thrift store and see what you can find.159_505205487639_8024_n

2. Holiday Themed Drinks- Whether you have a bartender, set up a bar, make it a BYOB, drinking festive drinks always puts you in the mood a bit more.

  • Egg Nog is a must.  Head to your local stores and grab the essential ingredients.
  • candy_cane_cocktail1_lgCandy Cane Cocktails: RECIPE- 1 shot of vanilla rum.  1 shot of white chocolate liqueur.  1 shot of peppermint schnapps.  1 Candy Cane dipped in for mixing and for effect.   

3. Inappropriate/Gag Gift Exchange- Put a price limit on your gift exchange and make it mandatory that gifts are to be funny or inappropriate.  From blow up dolls to thongs, I’ve seen it all.

4. Christmas Desserts- Instead of making people bring booze, make people bring Christmas cookies and candy!  christmas cookies

5. Movie Marathon- Regardless if there is music in the background, make it mandatory that Christmas movies be playing on the TV throughout the entire night.  Best options: Arthur Christmas, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Christmas Carol, Elf, Polar Express and more!ralphieonslide

6. A Regift Party- Re-gifting is fun.  Find an old gift that you never used or something around the house, worthy of giving away as a gift and boom!  Most regift parties do not entitle receiving gifts that you will want. 166150_1682108725432_6118671_n

7. Costumes- Whether goofy attire is required or not, nothing gets a good rise like showing up to a party dressed as Santa Claus or Will Farrell’s character in Elf. Elf

8. White/Red Christmas- Make it a requirement to wear Red or White (or Green) to the party.whitechristmas9

9. Christmas Caroling- My family has picked up on this tradition.  As the night goes on (and the number of consumed drinks grows) my Mother usually instigates the whole family to travel to a house or two and sing some of the worst Christmas Caroling you’ve ever heard.  All in all, it’s a good time. 162979_1682112925537_629672_n69757_1682113845560_5976511_n


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