10 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

With being a man, comes basic responsibilities and understandings: Respect women, be the man of the house, be a good father, and a million more…  Here, I have put together a small list of things that I feel most men should be able to do:


1. Know How to Cook- I’m not saying you need to become the next Top Chef contender, I’m just saying, when your future wife wants to be taken care of and surprised, be able to whip up a delicious, home-cooked meal.

2. Deliver Bad News- Nobody should kill the messenger, so be able to be it.  Someone needs to hear the bad news at times.  Be the person to be able to deliver it the right way.

3. Remember People’s Names- Relate back to our previous article.  Remembering people’s names is a big deal in many areas of one’s life.  People are impressed by things as simple as this.

f5842c654d09e42142613759ba46041814647812914. Know How to Deal With Cops- It’s not a matter of knowing people to get out of tickets.  It’s matter of knowing how to be polite and respectful so that you don’t end up getting a beat down.

5. Know How to Swim- It’s important, deal with it.  And a great workout!!

6. Know how to Speak 2 Languages- I certainly do not!  And I would love to learn.  That’s why I have my translator app on my iPhone.

7. Have Good Manners- It’s much better to be the person people like, rather than the person people avoid beng around.

8. Know How to Change a Tire- I won’t admit to my inability to do such, but it is a smart thing to know how to do such.

9. Know how to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver- My Father saved a dude’s life before with his know-how.  He walked into a room, saw the guy choking, and bear hugged him until he coughed up his piece of steak that he was choking on.  Be abe to tell that story if you need to.

l10. Know How to be a Peace Maker- There will be situations in people’s lives where they are forced to fight.  In those, know how to fight.  In others, find ways to breakup the fights and feel good about yourself.


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