Street Style

People are always watching.  People are always looking, judging, criticizing, admiring, envying, and taking notes.  Being the man who still walks around in nothing but sweats and a hoodie when work is adjourned is way past its prime.  In fact, the whole, “Sweat suit look” should be only for athletes and lazy high school and college students.  Don’t get me wrong, I was always the last kid rolling into class with his sweats on, his hood up, and looking like he just rolled out of bed after a rough night (because I usually did).  But hey, I grew up a bit since then.eDtzct

Dressing with style does not mean having to throw on a suit and tie at every occasion   It means being able to look and feel good in the attire that you do choose to wear.  You won’t often hear people say this, but comfort is a major factor in style.  Whether those jeans are too tight, you hate wearing a tie, or your suit is too skinny, It is written all over your face when you are uncomfortable.  That simply takes away a lot of credit to your attire.  You can’t be stylish without feeling stylish.426315_744124202481_454564178_n

534037_748297818521_774531753_nStreet style is important in today’s day and age especially when living in a city like New York, LA, Boston or any other city that has an above average population.  Find ways to mix and match your clothing so that you feel your best while looking the way you want.  If you’re aiming for that casual look, throw on a pair of tailored jeans or slim chinos.  Depending on the weather, match them with a nice button down of your choice, a slim stylish hoodie, a polo that has coordinating colors, and be sure to juice up your shoe game.  Don’t just throw on your PF Flyers and call it a day.  Remember that there are sneakers that are stylish.  I can’t give a huge list, but go out and find them.  Tretorns, New Balance, and Nike are starters.  I try to avoid wearing actual sneakers unless I’m heading to the gym, but some people can pull off the right shoe with the right attire.396686_681839297069_1113966115_n

Wearing a suit to work or to play can be done in dressy and casual ways.  A suit is something you should be able to wear at any moment for any occasion.  Dressing up?  Throw on a tie, nice spread collar, a pocket square, some nice dress socks with a nice pair of dress shoes and call it a day.  Looking for a little more casual of a “Suit look”?  Ditch the socks if the weather is permitting and throw on a pair of less dressy shoes like Sperry’s, Lacoste, or some Clarks.  Lose the tie and unbutton your top two buttons.  Some suits allow you to roll up the sleeves and look more casual with your undershirt rolled up with the jacket.  I have yet to attempt this move, but I have seen some athletes do it and it looks pretty good.  Do your hair a bit more messy than conservative and now you look cool, casual, and comfortable.Streets-Of-Milan-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013

Remember, people are always checking you out, whether you know them, don’t know them, or want to know them, spice it up while you’re walking the streets.  Who knows who you’ll meet.384315_673225015159_1828338138_n-1



Proper etiquette and mannerism is important regardless of where you are.  Whether your mother has just spoiled you at Christmas time or you are being served by a waitress who just got dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years, saying things like, “Please” and “Thank you” are simple gestures that go a long way.curtsy_custom-5551da9c9792b78a067b7b51419233578d4b08e1-s6-c10

Today’s Tip of the Day: Do not forget your mannerism wherever you are:

  1. Say “Please” and “Thank you” often
  2. Accept a compliment graciously, not cockily
  3. Greet people often and with a smile
  4. Say “Excuse me” when needing people to move or when budding into a conversation
  5. Apologize when necessary.  Don’t force people to make you say sorry
  6. Pay compliments to people- Don’t kiss ass too much, but let people know when they look good or have gotten the job done well


Today’s Tip of the Day: When in doubt, keep it simple. 

Style is a precious thing, especially with men, so recognize and understand what you can and cannot get away with.  Know that women have the opportunity to be more daring with their wardrobes.  Men, on the other hand have to understand their limits.  Try and limit yourself to wearing not much more than 3 colors (if any more) in your wardrobe.  You want to look and feel great without having to overdue anything.  Believe me, when you try to overdue it, it is incredibly obvious. 361448

Limit your jewelry.  As Don Draper says, men aren’t really supposed to wear it.  Watches, cuff links, tie bars, and a conservative chains (around your neck) are acceptable.  If you are looking to be flashy and stylish, realize that the simplicity of the outfit makes it that.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a solid tie and a simple shirt.  It will look better than the overdone designs and patterns.

Holiday Hangover

Well, Christmas is officially over, and it’s officially a bummer.  The anticipation of Christmas is not just about receiving things and getting time off of work.  It’s about giving, being with people you enjoy being around, and just overall being happy and relaxed.  With the end of Christmas comes the end of abusing movies like Elf, Arthur Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story.  We still have the New Year to look forward to, but let’s face it, some people will miss Christmas.sad-dog If you spent Christmas like most of us, you overate, you got spoiled, you spoiled people, you were happy with the family, and you got little sleep.  With Christmas now over, get back into your regular routines of working out, eating right, and using the rest of your resources to your advantage.  Got some cool new clothes for the Holidays?  Rock them strongly and show of your new swag. Get your mind off of missing Christmas by planning for the New Year.  Plan some sort of fun get together with your friends or possibly just you and your significant other and just go with it.  Two women toast as fireworks explode dur

New Year’s Day is no Christmas Day, and is one of the more overrated holidays of the year, but it’s still a fun one.  Get your crew together and start planning something fun.  I’m not big on going out for New Year’s Day.  It’s crazy, it’s chaotic, and most often, the majority of the crowds is not satisfied.  Don’t worry about staying in for the big night, chances are you’ll have more fun having some mini party with you and your friends than you would at some downtown club while you wait a haf an hour in line for a drink.

#TipOfTheDay- Snow Day!

If you’re reading this from Western New York, or specifically, the city of Buffalo, there’s a decent chance you’re snowed in.  Walking out to the streets to move my car today, I discovered that side streets were closed and cars were stuck.  Even if roads were not closed, the cars being stuck in the middle of a one-way street didn’t really allow you for much wiggle room.  Snow, snow, snow!  There’s so much of it.  If you were lucky enough to use the snow as your excuse for not showing up to work today, take advantage of

(Taken today in the streets of Buffalo)

Today’s Tip of the Day: Take advantage of your “snow days”, “sick days”, or any other days that you have stayed home for.  Whether you are one who cannot stand to miss a second of work, or if you would prefer to sleep the day away on your day at home, my advice is to take advantage of the circumstances.  If you’re sick, stay in bed, eat the sickness away with snacks and soups, watch your favorite movies and shows all day, and get the sleep you normally don’t during the work week.  If you’ve simply decided to stay home because you just need a day off, do what makes you happy.  Whether it’s eating and sleeping all day, or staying active and entertained, take advantage of the days you aren’t being told what to do at work.

Gift Guide- #GiftOfTheDay

If you’re like me, and most men, you sleep in your boxers, shorts, T-shirt, hoodie, sweats, or anything similar.  It’s just how it goes.  But what guys don’t realize is that having some sort of funny pajama outfit to rock to bed every once in a while is kind of cool.  Today’s Gift of the Day is a quality made pajama set for men.  Go the distance and get him some moccasins to go with it and any other sort of add-in that he’d like.  P10688449

Whether you go for the popular, onesie pajamas that will be sure to get a laugh, or the two piece cotton/silk set, I don’t think you can go wrong with this gift.  n4faab74cea1aa