#TipOfTheDay – How to Keep the Girl You Just Started Dating

Today’s Tip of the Day is rather simple, yet I know many guys will have a hard time doing it: ACT LIKE A GENTLEMEN.  LIKE A KEEPER.  LIKE SOMEONE SHE’LL WANT TO BRING HOME.  

Seva%20escorted%20for%20rowdy%20behaviorWhen a guy first starts to date a girl, his usual roots and habits still seem to be in existence a little too much from hanging around with the guys for so long.  Some advice to win the girl over is to behave like the guy she will want you to be, not the way your college buddies will want you to be.  Instead of chugging your beers to the howling chants of your buddies, sip your beer casually like a mature person.  Instead of hooting and hollering, laugh lightly, talk appropriately and smile.  Instead of heading to your bro’s house at the end of the night for more unnecessary drinking, smoking, or whatever it is you do, take her home or go grab a slice.

It’s easy to stand out when your acting like an asshole and behaving like you’re in high school, but you’re remembered better when you leave that shit back in 2006.


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