The New Black Is…

Midnight Blue.  I’ve always been a firm believer in this color.  Whether it be for car color selections or attire, I feel that midnight blue is, and has always been, a sexy selection.  It may take the place of the color black in your everyday wardrobe.

StingRaygatefold7Not saying everyone will drive this beast, but just showing the color and how good it looks.  Let’s take a look at it from a clothing’s perspective.

7520061.bin__31252_zoomYou can bet your ass that I will be looking for my first midnight blue tuxedo in the near future.  The dark color is a perfect replacement for black.  It still gives off the same vibe and affect you’d be shooting for in wearing a black outfit, yet allows the freedom for brown to be worn without risk, for black to be worn without risk, and to stand out like an absolute stud.

68489_447480488632552_616986751_nA little lighter, more daring shade of the color is worn by Ryan Gosling here, but still, we are fans.

When you’ve got your mind set on finding something black to wear this fall/winter, look a little harder and go after that midnight blue.  You’ll thank us later.





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