Is Mark Sanchez’s Fumble Last Week the Worst Sports Play of All Time?

Now that everyone should have seen this beauty by now, I figured I’d write a little something about it…

When Mark Sanchez was drafted, I figured he’d be the quarterback who took 2-3 years in the league to fully develop, eventually turning into an above average quarterback.  Well, I was wrong.  Even if he was on track to becoming an elite quarterback, this play alone would immediately diminish any progress.  Yes, it’s that bad.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go: 

I understand that it was a busted play.  It looked like Sanchez was supposed to hand the ball off to his running back.  I get that.  What I do not get, is why Sanchez thought he developed the ability to run through walls?  That being the monster of an offensive lineman that he attempted to run through.  Seriously, it was like that mammoth 300 pound black man was invisible to him.  Sanchez ran full speed right into him and then bounced off of him like a pinball hitting a rubberband.  Sanchez then fumbled while New England picked up the ball and scored.

This play is so bad I can’t even laugh at it.  I just get mad watching it.  It is the worst play I have ever seen in my life.  Worse than any play at any level that I have ever seen!!  How Sanchez still has a job is beyond me and even more so, how Tebow has still yet to start a game is more upsetting.  Sanchez’s play was worse than this:


One thought on “Is Mark Sanchez’s Fumble Last Week the Worst Sports Play of All Time?

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