Usually when referring to the term #Bombed, I will make reference to an epic photo bomb, but today we are going to look at a different bomb reference; that being, the bomber jacket.  The bomber jacket was a hit fad way back when and is making a killer appearance all over again.  I have a corduroy jacket with fur over the collar, in a similar style to a bomber jacket, but it is not an official bomber.

Marty & Randy Cousins Brooklyn NY - Winter of ...

Marty & Randy Cousins Brooklyn NY – Winter of 1976 – 1977 Tri-X (Photo credit: Whiskeygonebad)

The jacket derives its name because they were originally styled and designed for pilots.  During World War I, most plains did not have enclosed cockpits, so the jackets were designed to keep pilots warm.  The general design consisted of a heavy leather material on the jacket (more modern jackets are using other material than leather), with a warm layer (usually fur) in the inside of the jacket, equipped with a type of fur collar that could be flipped up or down, with fur busting out of the sleeves.  The jacket became trendy amongst different time periods (present and eventual future) and has emerged, yet again.

The bomber jacket is meant more for a casual type of wear.  I don’t think you should be attempting to wear one to the next ball or wedding you attend (save the top coats and pea coats for that), however, if you own one or feel like making the purchase, wear your bomber to the next bar you head to or casual get together with a pair of jeans, a button down shirt (with or without a sweater) and the bomber.

It’s not our favorite style of the year by any means but it is worth us mentioning!


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