Tip of the Day

English: Landscape in grey In fact this is a c...

Chances are, if you are in an area where winter takes over, the skies look like this from sun-up to sun-down.  It makes things like going to work, less enjoyable.  People always ask me why I’m such a summer person and why I don’t look forward to the fall/winter.  Fall means winter is coming and winter means it will be cold and dark.  But hey, I’m learning to deal with it and be positive.  With new seasons comes new styles, new types of food, new scenery and much more to look forward to.

One thing that I have learned on my drives in to work, which is going to be the Tip of the Day, is to listen to Christmas music on the way to work.  We have a month until Christmas and I know I am already in full spirit.  Over the past two days, I am guilty of popping on Pandora and jamming to some Christmas music (stations may or may not have been Michael Buble and Justin Bieber holiday editions).  I thought to myself that this is a wonderful way to look at more positive things than the dark and the cold.  Now I’m beginning to like them because they are reminding me of what is soon to come.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

So I say don’t let the season get you down, rather find ways to let it bring you up if you are ever feeling down (or if you just want to feel more up). Happy Holidays!


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