The Best Colors to Wear this Season

Difficult to decide what to wear this Holiday season.  Here’s a few pointers:

  1. Colors are crucial
  2. Bundle Up Stylishly

When deciding how to dress during these cold weather days, keep in mind those tips.  Snow is already here.  Keep the florals and overly bright colors in the closets for now and aim for a bit of the darker shades.  Colors we are big on:

Maroon- Call it maroon, burgundy, dark red, whatever you’d like, but this color is sure to make you shine this holiday season.  Do your best Ron Burgundy impression, but class it up…Dark/Fern/Moss Green- This darker, pukey-colored green is big and in for this season (fall and winter).  The turtle neck is not a must by any means but the color is spot on.

Dark Grey- This color is suitable almost any time anywhere.  Whether on a suit, jacket, or shirt, rock it loud.


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