Styles We Aren’t Big On

A lot of people, companies, and more that like to consider themselves stylists, are often a bit too focused on the audacity level of fashion.  That is, the daring and willingness to try and attempt new things and styles.  Like I have said before, just because it is different, does not mean it is in style.  Kanye West has been seen wearing a black leather kilt, AKA a skirt, while performing.  This is just one of many things you won’t see us posting about.  Here are a list of things that some people love, that we say to hold off on:

1. Driver Hats- Hats are a tricky thing for people these days.  Some try to pull off the new, cool, hipster-type look and epically fail.  A driver hat should be left for drivers.  Unless you decide to dress as a driver or have a full-time occupation as a driver, leave this short-brimmed hat at home.  It’s tough to pull off, but if you think you can do it, have at it and let us know.

2. Fedoras- Another short-brimmed hat that is tricky to pull off… And that’s putting it nicely.  It’s hard to take a man wearing a fedora serious.  Let the ladies attempt to pull of this fad, lads, and leave the fedoras on the hat rack (hopefully in the stores and not already at your home).

3. Sunglasses Inside- I get it, you just bought a pair of sick shades and want to show them off at the party you are going to, not just on the way there.  Don’t do it!  I received a pair of Ray Ban, sport aviator-type sunglasses recently and really like them a lot.  Let’s just say if you see me wearing them inside, I give you permission to punch me in the nose and break them off of my face.


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