Grooming Tip of the Day- Men with Hairy Necks

Are you like most men in this world, and guilty of having a hairy neck?  No sweat there, for as I feel that 99% of men, in fact, have hairy necks.  Well, if you are like most men I know, your neck hair seems to grow twice as fast as any hair on your body.  This wolf man look is unacceptable and can be dealt with easily.  

A lot of guys only have the back of their necks shaved when they are getting haircuts while some men hit their necks with a head trimmer/buzzer when it gets hairy (this can sometimes be difficult).  Today’s Tip of the Day: Don’t wait until your next haircut to shave the back of your neck.  Shave your neck with a razor that you shave your face with while showering or after showering.  

It’s really simple.  Either way you choose to do it will be just as affective.  If you have a mirror in your shower, it will work easier.  Follow these steps:

  1. Apply light shave creme, body wash, or just hot water
  2. Take razor and hold it like you are shaving the front of your neck, in an upward motion (This way will most likely be shaving with the growth of your hair rather than against)
  3. Shave cleanly up to your hairline 
  4. Rinse off with hot water
  5. Apply light moisturizer or after shave balm

2 thoughts on “Grooming Tip of the Day- Men with Hairy Necks

  1. This is a good tip. I use an electric hair shaver that comes with the angled attachments. It’s a breeze, and almost impossible to screw up. A related tip [that is one of my all-time favorites] was in Esquire magazine probably 20 years ago. A guy wanted to know how to get rid of ring around the collar, and the tip was simply: Wash your neck.

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