Tip of the Day- Patterned Jackets

A man should understand that patterned jackets and sport coats are in for these fall and winter seasons.  Often, we hear men judge that the patterned, checkered, or plaid jackets are a bit too retro and for older men.  Well, not anymore.  These classic patterns are now available for our generation and not just our grandfather’s.  

Chances are, you are not going to be able to pull out one of Grandpa’s old jackets and rock it with style.  The bulk of the coats back then is not what men should look for today.  Instead, companies like Ralph Lauren have done a good job bringing back the patterned jackets and slimming them down, to fit in today’s class of style.

All in all, today’s #TOD is to be aware of the new-old school style and look into buying yourself a patterned/checkered/plaid jacket or suit.  Do it with caution and don’t have it be obnoxious.  Houndstooth is a good option. 


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