How to Style Your Hair

Some Hair Styles are appropriate in certain places while others are just not.  Today we’ll go over a few acceptable styles wherever you happen to be.

Can’t get away with too many styles at the office?  It’s unfortunate.  How can you show your co-workers how stylish you are?  Here’s how.

We are going to assume you’re working with medium length to short hair.  My tip is: NEVER ALLOW YOUR HAIR TO BE ALL THE SAME LENGTH (unless you buzz your head or have shoulder length locks).

Look 1: After showering in the morning, very lightly dry your hair, leaving it relatively wet.  I recommend getting dressed before doing your hair, but it really doesn’t matter.  Use a thick comb with larger spaces in between the bristles.  Comb the hair back and to the side a bit (while still wet).  Apply a cream sort of a creme-hair product (Axe is usually a good pick).  After applying, comb through your hair again in the same manner.  Don’t push it too far to the side or too straight back.  Give it a nice combo of both.  Let hair dry after to give it that shiny/slicked look.  It’s sharp, it’s classy and it’s in.

Look 2:  Do everything you did in look one just with dryer hair.  Once you get it to what looks good, mess it up!  Just do it.  After messing it up, run your hands through the hair and push it to that combed look you had before.  After messing it up a bit, it will allow you to be able to run your hands through it.  This way your hair is not so structured all day, but still will look appropriate!

Look 3: Get dressed and dry your hair however you’d like: Towel, hair dryer, air dry, etc.  Comb or run your hands through your hair in some sort of a direction that you want to style it.  Direct the hair up a bit and in the direction you combed/pushed it.  Add in some product while the hair is almost totally dry.  Adjust your hair up and over, and hit it with the blow dryer for a better stay.  This will lighten up the product and not allow your hair to turn rock hard.  Instead it will allow you to move it easily, but it will stay once you move it.

The best thing about all of these hairstyles is that they can be worn anywhere.  Whether it’s work or play, you’ll be sure to impress whomever you need to with these styles.


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