No Tie Bar? No Problem.

Aside from my poor attempt at a beard, notice anything out of the ordinary?  You shouldn’t.  But you should know that there is an out of the ordinary accessory thrown in there.  Looks like a pretty nice, simple, sleek, tie bar, right?  Well it’s not…

Boom!  This “Tie Bar” is actually a pin that shirt distributers use to keep your button down shirt folded together while in its package.  There are usually about 4 clips or pins that come with the shirt when it is sold as a package.  Good companies will use steal clips, like Banana Republic, and some will use plastic  If you come across any pins such as these, don’t be so quick to throw them away.  They are a great use for tie bars.  ** Note that these type of clips should only be used on skinny ties or “In between (middle width) ties”. **

Tip of the Day: Tie Bars are not just Tie Bars.


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