Dress Like James Bond

Over the weekend I went and saw the newest of the James Bond flicks, Skyfall, and I must admit to being impressed.  If you have not seen it, it is exactly what you think it is:

  1. Lots of Action
  2. Good looking cast
  3. Sex
  4. Violence
  5. Not a demand for high quality acting

One thing that James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, is especially known for, is his impeccable style.  His street gear, his suit game, and his workout gear are all impressive at all times.  Nothing like chasing down some of the highest trained spies in the world while rocking a perfectly tailored, two buttoned suit, shirt and tie buttoned up, and some of the finest kicks known to man.  When you go running around after dudes who are trying to kill some of your best friends, are you picturing yourself doing such in your best suit and tie combo?  You will after seeing this movie.

Daniel Craig was by no means my favorite choice of James Bond in today’s acting class of men, but I can say that he grew on me in this movie.  He always seems to have a kind of smug smirk on his face at all times which is a little hard to take serious, but he did a good job at limiting it throughout this film.  Based on his previous Bond films, I believe this was his best by a long shot.  

I saw the flick with a few of my buddies and it was hard not to compliment on every wardrobe.  For reasons of not sounding like women, I think we limited ourselves to literally one compliment on his attire, but found ourselves awing at all of them.  He rocked several, nice pea coats, scarves, jackets, and suits.  

Catch the film some point before it goes out of style, but remember that his clothes will not have by then.


3 thoughts on “Dress Like James Bond

  1. I want the list of the “guys” you went to a Bond movie with and commented on his clothing [while awing at them, no less]. You have gone over the edge. You guys don’t sound like women – you are women.

  2. jglanzer – They finally got the intenret working here! Oh, it’s been so tough not being able to check my blog or 2peas! These are just beautiful, Sara. Really, above and beyond what I had hoped for and I am so grateful that you were able to come and document this day for us. I haven’t taken many pics yet (if you can believe it!) but I’m hoping to get a few shot now that I’m up and feeling better. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE these and I absolutely can not wait to see the rest. THANKS!!!!!

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