Tip of the Day- Stop Caring About Everyone’s Opinion of You

Seriously, who gives a shit?  Unless you’re a drug addict, murderer or anything up those alleys, then I guess you should consider caring about other people’s opinion of you.  Although, if you do not happen to be guilty of things that can put you behind bars for a long time, just stop caring.  Think of all the alleviated stresses you could have with this simple mindset.  Take these examples as things you shouldn’t care about:

  1. Your mom wants you to date someone else, but you are truly happy with who you are with.  Sorry mom.
  2. Your parents want you to work for the family company, but you want to venture out and do something else.  Sorry folks.
  3. Your college peers want you to do this and you want to do that (use your imagination).  Sorry!

There are a billion different scenarios.  All in all, what people say and think about you isn’t all that important.  What’s important is that you, healthily, make yourself happy.

Today’s #TOD: Stop caring about everyone’s opinion of you.


2 thoughts on “Tip of the Day- Stop Caring About Everyone’s Opinion of You

  1. quick question : if your grandparents wanted you to get married before they pass, do you say sorry to them too? please help #mustgetmarried #beforeitstoolate

    • You can’t get married just for the reason of satisfying your grandparents. They’d rather see you happy and do it when you and your significant other are happy and ready. Don’t rush anything.

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