This Season’s Trend That You Probably Already Have

Learn to polka.  Yep, polka.  On top learning of the dance performed by the central Europeans, you should also learn to feel comfortable wearing some polka dots this fall/winter season (and for all seasons).  

Every man should own at least one polka dot patterned tie, and one polka dot pattern pair of socks.  From there, expand!  Polka dots look sharp with any solid suit!  Wear a charcoal suit, white button shirt and a black tie with a grey/white/light colored polka dot pattern on them!  It will look great!  

This is not to say, only wear polka dots with solid suits.  No!  You can wear polka dots with your LIGHT pinstripes.  For those of you that still get off on your pompous pinstripe suits, you may want to hang them back up.  The over-the-top pinstripes are very old fashion for the wrong reason.  They’re obnoxious and too much.  Do not purchase heavy pinstriped suits and be careful with the ones you may already own.  If you want to wear some stripes, be sure that the pattern is a very light stripe or that the stripes are a very similar shade to the suit itself, so that they blend in. 

Back to the polka dots…  Polka dot bow ties, neck ties, and socks are all very in!  Do not buy ties with large polka dots!  No no!  The polka dots should be similar to the ones we show in this article and can be on any solid colored tie.  We like light polka dots with dark background colors, but be willing to explore more!


2 thoughts on “This Season’s Trend That You Probably Already Have

  1. Thanks, J. An old friend of ours can’t get enough polka-dots on his ties (both of the neck and bow varieties), and even painted a bathroom in their summer home black with tiny white polka-dot skulls. Very cool.

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