Tip of the Day

After the 2012 Presidential election was determined, we saw an overload of tweets gone viral.  Some were to honor the president, some were to complain about him, some were to state that Romney should have won, and some were flat our racial/hatred lash-outs.  This day and age people have to be a bit smarter and realize that we are connected to our social media accounts for life whether we like it or not.  Unfortunately, when most people first started using Facebook and Twitter, they may not have realized such, and may have put some things out to the public that they should not have.  Well this is what has happened today.  The racist comments from many Americans (and I’m sure outside civilians as well) have gone viral.  I choose not to post any of the pictures and tweets because I do not want that garbage on this site.

Today’s #TOD: Responsibly control your social media accounts.  I still see inappropriate pictures, status’, tweets, etc all over many associates accounts.  Posting racial slurs on Twitter and Facebook is like setting up an interview to work at a company and emailing this company with an email dress such as IHateWomen@example.com when the owner of the company is a woman.  It’s easy to screw up, I understand, but make this screw up one that can’t happen.  Censorship is crucial in regards to your social media accounts.


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