How to Approach a Woman

At a bar and you see an attractive woman you’d like to approach but not sure how to do it?  We’re here to help.  Follow these guidelines for a better chance at her acknowledging and not ignoring.

Find an appropriate time to catch her eye.  Whether you are gathered with a group of your friends, posting up against the wall, or at the other side of the bar, make sure she can see you at some point.  Be sure to maintain a valiant posture and to not be seen as goofy or creepy.  Don’t let her catch you staring at her in that creepy, “I’ve been staring at you for twenty minutes,” look.  Make sure there are other things to surround you so that when you do catch her eye, there will be other things to pursue after looking away.

Eye contact is key.  Be sure she catches you looking at her and give her that confident look and maybe crack a little smile when she does.  Letting her know you are interested before you vocally express it will make that approach all the easier.

Next, either find a way to get close to her or take the aggressive route and go right in for the kill.  If you are about taking your time, get somewhere closer to her and let her know what you’re up to.  Let her catch you looking at her again.  It will flatter her.  No woman dislikes being checked out.  It makes them feel confident and secure.

The approach… Whether you waited it out or went in strong, the approach is essential to the success.  There are some simple steps you should make sure you have remembered before doing so:

  1. Hold your drink with confidence: If it’s a beer, do not grasp it around the fat part of the bottle.  Instead, use one to two fingers to grasp the nozzle of the bottle and hold it somewhat loose.  If you hold a drink in hand, hold your glass by the top and let the Rock’s Glass (or plastic cup, depending on what type of bar you’re at) dangle down below your hand.
  2. Actually bring confidence!  Don’t strut up like some douchey hockey player, but instead walk up with a slight smile and a good pose and posture.
  3. Say your “Hello” in any way you can without sounding desperate or childish.  Introduce yourself and wait for her to do it back.  Don’t ask for her to do so unless it is necessary.  Unfortunately, if she doesn’t do it, chances are she is not interested.
  4. After the intro, let conversation fly and buy her a drink.  Don’t let her tell you, “No”.

From here on out my advice is to keep it cool and casual.  We’ll save the aftermath for another post.  Good luck!


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