Look Your Best From the Waist Down…

You’re sitting in a meeting, you cross your legs (open or closed crotch) and you catch people uncomfortably gazing at you.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen to be the look of desire from your attractive co-workers.  It happens to be more of a scowl from the CEO of the company and his guests.  You give a look that says, “What the fuck?” mixed with a little, “Did I fart or something?”  The CEO looks down at your legs and sees this: Hopefully you’re not uninformed to the point where you failed to realize you CANNOT wear white socks with any dress pants.  Even if this photo showed a pair of black dress socks, you’d still be at a major fault.  You cannot let your socks fall down to the point that your shins are able to be seen when you sit down!  Imagine Don Draper all suited up and fresh, and then he crosses his legs and his socks have rolled down to his ankles (or just to the point where you can see his legs).  It is an immediate deduction of style points.  Unless you are rocking some Sockless Style your legs should never be visible when you are sitting or standing.

Many men fail to realize the importance of dress socks and casual socks.  A good pair of socks stays up on your legs, allowing your actual leg-flesh to go unseen, and to compliment your pants and shoes.  Whether you are wearing a pair of Jet Black socks, a pair of argyle ones, or a pair that shows off a stylish logo around the ankle, your sock game should not go unseen and unnoticed.  Don’t just slap on any pair and be fine with it.  Instead, shop a little, find some socks that look sharp, stay up on your leg, and feel comfortable.  A good trick for a good sock is to make sure it reaches just above the biggest part of your calf, where it then begins to get smaller.  Once it reaches this point, the chances of the sock falling down are slim.

  ** Unless you are a basketball player, you really shouldn’t have white socks in your drawers anymore.  Dark ankle socks are much better looking anyways. **



One thought on “Look Your Best From the Waist Down…

  1. If pulled off the right way, white dress socks don’t look off with dressy outfits i.e. if the shirt is white and has sleeves peeking out of coat which are white as well. Of course they should reach the knee and should not flash leg.

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