Tip of the Day- Flood Pants No Longer Exist

If you remember the article I posted in the summer time, titled Sockless Style, I more or less hinted at this tip, but I felt like it should be reiterated.  Today’s Tip of the Day: Flood pants no longer exist.  Now, there are a few exceptions to this so called rule.  A pair of non-tailored, too baggy pants, that are too short can still be considered floods.  Just look the famous Seinfeld Poster with George in his tuxedo…  However, a pair of tailored, trim pants, that show a little ankle are fully in style.  Socks are a big part of men’s fashion now, whether people realize it or not.  Showing off your sock style is a popular trend for men today.  So as you look at a man who stands in a nicely tailored suit or a very kept pair of pants, and you are able to see his socks when he is standing, all is good.  Actually, all is very good, as this look has become more in than the pant legs that has too much of a break in them.

So the next time you want people to see the socks you are wearing, go for the pants that will allow them to be seen and wear them comfortably and confidently. 



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