Tip of the Day- Never Ending Sex Drive

Worried that in your aging years you will lose your sex drive with your loved one?  Don’t be.  Today’s #TOD: Sex doesn’t slow down for very many elderly people. 

I always get a kick out of it when I see my Grandfather kissing my Grandmother at the dinner table and making the inappropriate comments that make everyone originally uneasy…  Seconds later we all burst into laughter after.

Sexual attraction and chemistry is a life-long drive and desire.  Just because you are getting older does not mean that your sex life will come to an inexistence.  Make the most of your married years and don’t let the party stop.  People always love to see an elderly couple that still show their love and affection for one another.  Try not to visualize anything further than what you see, but hope that you will become the couple that are still sexually attracted to and active with one another when you’re 80 years old.


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