Top Ten Jeans for Men

Listen up bros.  The days where you could get away with wearing the same pair of jeans night after night are long gone.  If you’re still guilty of wearing your 5 year old, baggy jeans, you need to read this.

The history of jean wearing has come a long way over the past 10 years.  Where we used to be careless to whether jeans were tapered or hemmed, we now should be fully aware of the proper fit and style.  Let’s just assume you still have jeans from High School… The ripped knees, the baggy waist, the dragging bottoms, and overall, bad look.  Start a fire, find those jeans, then place them in that fire… Now continue reading.

Jean brands that I give the nod to:

  1. J Brand 
  2. Seven for All Mankind
  3. Nudie Jeans
  4. Paige Premium Denim
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs
  6. Lucky Brand
  7. Tommy Bahama
  8. Diesel
  9. Levi
  10. DL1961

If you are in the local area, come in to Tony Walker & Co, located on 5110 Main St, Buffalo, New York, and make your purchases now.

Now days, buying a pair of jeans is more than trying them on and making a purchase.  Make sure they fit perfect.  Go for the slim look and make sure they are the right length.  I didn’t say skinny, I said slim.  Allow for a little break at the bottom.  Therefore, the jean pant will lay very cleanly over the shoe you wear, allowing for a neat, clean, and stylish look.  Fortunately for all you Buffalonians, if you make the purchase at Tony Walker & Co, they will hem and taper the pants you have purchased to your liking and have them ready for you in no time!

Unfortunately, we see that some jeans are way too overpriced.  In these cases, do your research and don’t go too nuts.  Shop online and at outlets for great deals.  Make the switch to these jeans and impress your friends with your new sense of style.

** Don’t only label shop.  This article is not meant to tell what you should and should not buy.  We rather, want to give you ideas and have you roll with them.  We have dealt with these brands and stand by them.  If anything is too expensive, find the style you like of the brand you like and look for discounts.  No discounts?  Compare the style of jean to other, cheaper jeans and rock them hard! **


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