The Many Uses of Vodka

Today’s Tip of the Day: Vodka can be used for more than drowning your sorrows.

  1. Bandage Removal– Removing a bandage is never fun.  Soak the bandage in vodka and boom, no more painful pull-offs.
  2. Bathtub and Shower Cleaning– No bleach?  No problem.  Fill a spray container with vodka and spray down edges and borders of your bathing area.  The vodka kills germs and keeps mold away.
  3. Face Cleaning– Get a cotton ball and make it damp with vodka.  Next, blot the ball on your face.  The vodka cleanses the skin and tightens pores.
  4. Razor Cleaning– People tend to forget how gross razors can get, especially depending on which part of your body you are shaving.  Pour a fourth of a cup with vodka and let your razor soak in it in between shaving sessions.  The vodka kills germs, keeps the razor from dulling, and also prevents rust.
  5. Jellyfish stings– You’ve seen the movies where people pee on each other to relieve jellyfish stings.  Instead, use vodka.
  6. Cleaning Glasses– Vodka works as well as any cleansing solvent you would overpay for at your local optician.
  7. Fever reducer– Soak a wash cloth in vodka and rub your chest and back to reduce body temperatures.
Safety Razor Set - A safety razor, shaving bru...

Safety Razor Set.

Hope you enjoyed and will put to use!


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