Is Mark Sanchez’s Fumble Last Week the Worst Sports Play of All Time?

Now that everyone should have seen this beauty by now, I figured I’d write a little something about it…

When Mark Sanchez was drafted, I figured he’d be the quarterback who took 2-3 years in the league to fully develop, eventually turning into an above average quarterback.  Well, I was wrong.  Even if he was on track to becoming an elite quarterback, this play alone would immediately diminish any progress.  Yes, it’s that bad.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go: 

I understand that it was a busted play.  It looked like Sanchez was supposed to hand the ball off to his running back.  I get that.  What I do not get, is why Sanchez thought he developed the ability to run through walls?  That being the monster of an offensive lineman that he attempted to run through.  Seriously, it was like that mammoth 300 pound black man was invisible to him.  Sanchez ran full speed right into him and then bounced off of him like a pinball hitting a rubberband.  Sanchez then fumbled while New England picked up the ball and scored.

This play is so bad I can’t even laugh at it.  I just get mad watching it.  It is the worst play I have ever seen in my life.  Worse than any play at any level that I have ever seen!!  How Sanchez still has a job is beyond me and even more so, how Tebow has still yet to start a game is more upsetting.  Sanchez’s play was worse than this:


The New Black Is…

Midnight Blue.  I’ve always been a firm believer in this color.  Whether it be for car color selections or attire, I feel that midnight blue is, and has always been, a sexy selection.  It may take the place of the color black in your everyday wardrobe.

StingRaygatefold7Not saying everyone will drive this beast, but just showing the color and how good it looks.  Let’s take a look at it from a clothing’s perspective.

7520061.bin__31252_zoomYou can bet your ass that I will be looking for my first midnight blue tuxedo in the near future.  The dark color is a perfect replacement for black.  It still gives off the same vibe and affect you’d be shooting for in wearing a black outfit, yet allows the freedom for brown to be worn without risk, for black to be worn without risk, and to stand out like an absolute stud.

68489_447480488632552_616986751_nA little lighter, more daring shade of the color is worn by Ryan Gosling here, but still, we are fans.

When you’ve got your mind set on finding something black to wear this fall/winter, look a little harder and go after that midnight blue.  You’ll thank us later.




#TipOfTheDay – How to Keep the Girl You Just Started Dating

Today’s Tip of the Day is rather simple, yet I know many guys will have a hard time doing it: ACT LIKE A GENTLEMEN.  LIKE A KEEPER.  LIKE SOMEONE SHE’LL WANT TO BRING HOME.  

Seva%20escorted%20for%20rowdy%20behaviorWhen a guy first starts to date a girl, his usual roots and habits still seem to be in existence a little too much from hanging around with the guys for so long.  Some advice to win the girl over is to behave like the guy she will want you to be, not the way your college buddies will want you to be.  Instead of chugging your beers to the howling chants of your buddies, sip your beer casually like a mature person.  Instead of hooting and hollering, laugh lightly, talk appropriately and smile.  Instead of heading to your bro’s house at the end of the night for more unnecessary drinking, smoking, or whatever it is you do, take her home or go grab a slice.

It’s easy to stand out when your acting like an asshole and behaving like you’re in high school, but you’re remembered better when you leave that shit back in 2006.

Is Biebs Serious?

I already admitted to my guilt of listening to the Bieber Christmas, Pandora station, so he gets some deserved credit from me.  But this outfit?!  To meet the Canadian Prime Minister !  Come on!  Biebs, we gave you a spot on our fashionable list, don’t make us take it away.

This is like if you were to go meet your girlfriends parents for the first time, and you walked up wearing jeans down to your knees, a gold grill, and a sideways trucker hat.  Shame shame shame.  I’ve said it before though, Biebs tries to have swag over style and here is one example how.  Not your best Justin.



Usually when referring to the term #Bombed, I will make reference to an epic photo bomb, but today we are going to look at a different bomb reference; that being, the bomber jacket.  The bomber jacket was a hit fad way back when and is making a killer appearance all over again.  I have a corduroy jacket with fur over the collar, in a similar style to a bomber jacket, but it is not an official bomber.

Marty & Randy Cousins Brooklyn NY - Winter of ...

Marty & Randy Cousins Brooklyn NY – Winter of 1976 – 1977 Tri-X (Photo credit: Whiskeygonebad)

The jacket derives its name because they were originally styled and designed for pilots.  During World War I, most plains did not have enclosed cockpits, so the jackets were designed to keep pilots warm.  The general design consisted of a heavy leather material on the jacket (more modern jackets are using other material than leather), with a warm layer (usually fur) in the inside of the jacket, equipped with a type of fur collar that could be flipped up or down, with fur busting out of the sleeves.  The jacket became trendy amongst different time periods (present and eventual future) and has emerged, yet again.

The bomber jacket is meant more for a casual type of wear.  I don’t think you should be attempting to wear one to the next ball or wedding you attend (save the top coats and pea coats for that), however, if you own one or feel like making the purchase, wear your bomber to the next bar you head to or casual get together with a pair of jeans, a button down shirt (with or without a sweater) and the bomber.

It’s not our favorite style of the year by any means but it is worth us mentioning!

#TipOfTheDay – Scarves

Today’s Tip of the Day: Don’t be insecure about wearing a scarf. 

Scarves have two purposes:

  1. To look good
  2. To Keep you warm
Fabric Scarf Holder

Fabric Scarf Holder (Photo credit: brixton)

Which is more important?  Doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you wear it the way you want and pick one that is appropriate for you.  Solids, plaids, and patterns are all appropriate, just wear it proud.  I take a lot of shit from my buddies about wearing certain accessories and clothing, and this is one of them.  No sweat, the people you want complimenting you will be complimenting you…

Why Americans Don’t Like #Soccer

In many discussions that I have had with my friends, I have come to find that most of them who have an interest in soccer, lack an interest and/or knowledge for other sports, as in depth as theirs in soccer.  It just seems that those (in America) that follow soccer religiously, have some reason to make it their number 1 sport to follow, and everything else is second nature.

After some research and personal understanding, I have come to a conclusion of why soccer catches heat in America:

Soccer lacks constant big play potential- I have recognized this in many ways and I am ready to lay them out.  I recently downloaded FIFA 2013 for my iPhone.  I am not a gamer by any means but have found myself playing the game too often.  After setting the difficulty level to Semi-pro, the third level out of 5 or 6, the game becomes instantly uninteresting and requires too much patience.  Yes, it gets harder, but it takes away big play opportunities and scoring potential.  People love sports for the constant action, big play potential, and physicality of them.  Soccer lacks that.  In real life, as in this video game, soccer is a game of setting up, similar to chess, where you only get a chance to score if every pass and play is set up spot on, or if someone on the other team fucks up mightily.  Chess players must be patient, and I am learning that soccer players must be also.  

Studies from Professional soccer have shown that there is an average of 2.4 goals per game at the professional level.  2.4!  That is not a lot of scoring.  Not to mention that rules in soccer allow for teams to tie at the end of regulation periods.  No time is extended for extra playing until post seasons or championship matches.  Seems a little odd to me.  With an average of 2.4 goals per game comes the possibility of 0-0 ties or 1-0 outcomes, not to mention the fact that a team only averages about 6 shots per game (and they don’t have to be on goal).  It just seems like a lot of time and effort for only such little bit of action to take place.

Let’s compare soccer to other sports for a moment: Where football, the possibility of a big play is present at every second.  A kickoff/punt is one of the most exciting plays in football and happens on average more than 8 times per game.  Also, at every snap, the play has a potential to score a touchdown in several different ways, and if they do not, they will eventually have the opportunity to score by a field goal.  Big hits are possible at every play as well, which sometimes get the crowd more excited than a score.  

With baseball, the opportunity of a homerun is available at every single pitch, with basketball, a team shoots more than 50 times per game and there is potential for a dunk on every single play (the best athletes in the world play basketball), with hockey, there is fighting, hitting, lots of shooting, and more scoring than soccer.  Soccer lacks intense physicality.  From the flopping, to the lack of contact, and all of the hilarious fake-injury-videos, there are, the sport can be picked on easily.

 Looking at these facts, it is easy to see why soccer is so under-minded in America.  It’s just not as exciting as other sports.  If you like chess, fishing, and bird watching, chances are you will like soccer.

I understand that like many sports, if you have not played soccer at a competitive level, your interest in the sport may be low.  Despite all my antics and all my arguments against this sport, I have found it more enjoyable as of lately.  Still though, I absolutely understand why it is not the most popular sport in this country.

The Best Colors to Wear this Season

Difficult to decide what to wear this Holiday season.  Here’s a few pointers:

  1. Colors are crucial
  2. Bundle Up Stylishly

When deciding how to dress during these cold weather days, keep in mind those tips.  Snow is already here.  Keep the florals and overly bright colors in the closets for now and aim for a bit of the darker shades.  Colors we are big on:

Maroon- Call it maroon, burgundy, dark red, whatever you’d like, but this color is sure to make you shine this holiday season.  Do your best Ron Burgundy impression, but class it up…Dark/Fern/Moss Green- This darker, pukey-colored green is big and in for this season (fall and winter).  The turtle neck is not a must by any means but the color is spot on.

Dark Grey- This color is suitable almost any time anywhere.  Whether on a suit, jacket, or shirt, rock it loud.

Tip of the Day

English: Landscape in grey In fact this is a c...

Chances are, if you are in an area where winter takes over, the skies look like this from sun-up to sun-down.  It makes things like going to work, less enjoyable.  People always ask me why I’m such a summer person and why I don’t look forward to the fall/winter.  Fall means winter is coming and winter means it will be cold and dark.  But hey, I’m learning to deal with it and be positive.  With new seasons comes new styles, new types of food, new scenery and much more to look forward to.

One thing that I have learned on my drives in to work, which is going to be the Tip of the Day, is to listen to Christmas music on the way to work.  We have a month until Christmas and I know I am already in full spirit.  Over the past two days, I am guilty of popping on Pandora and jamming to some Christmas music (stations may or may not have been Michael Buble and Justin Bieber holiday editions).  I thought to myself that this is a wonderful way to look at more positive things than the dark and the cold.  Now I’m beginning to like them because they are reminding me of what is soon to come.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

So I say don’t let the season get you down, rather find ways to let it bring you up if you are ever feeling down (or if you just want to feel more up). Happy Holidays!