Tip of the Day- How to Make A Workout Enjoyable

Many people fail to realize the enjoyability and capability of being able to workout from your own home.  If you have a floor, and an able body, you can do it.  But still, that isn’t enough to get most people to want to work out.  It’s a hassle, I know.  But here is a good way to enjoy your workout.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Pick out a show, or a series of shows that you have wanted to watch, but have not gotten around to it.  Whether they are shows that are now over, or just in the prime of their airing, pick a few (or one).  Next, sing up for Netflix or Hulu Plus or some other program that you can watch your new shows from.  After doing such, pick out a good spot in your home, where you will have the availability to stream your new show, and get ready for your workout.  If you are one of those, who hates working out, set a goal for a minimum, 20 minute workout and have at it.

A quick, simple workout from home:

  1. Plank for 30 seconds to one minute
  2. Side plank for 30 seconds to one minute on each side
  3. Pushup variations for 5 minutes- Military style, knee pushups, tri pushups
  4. Lunges- Side lunges and Forward Lunges
  5. Burpees

This simple workout and simple plan will be sure to help you enjoy your workout.  It’s how I get through mine.


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