Tip of the Day

Today’s Tip of the Day: Develop the ability to Forgive.

Forgiveness is an important act in everyone’s life.  Holding grudges/burning bridges is not the way to go about living.  So often I hear stories about troubled relationships of parents to children, or siblings to siblings and it makes me sad.  Is it really worth going through life not knowing what things would be like if you could just find a way to forgive and forget.  I understand that mistakes are made and that people do very stupid/mean things sometimes, but be the bigger and better person and be the one to try and ignite your relationship again.  

When I was in college, I had a kid, now a friend of mine, who whenever we saw each other, we would have “beef”.  Whether we ended up stink-eying one another from the other end of the bar or throwing hay makers at one another, something always seemed to go wrong when we crossed paths.  I went out of my way to message the guy completely out of nowhere saying that I was sorry for any scraps we once got in and that I would love to find a way to laugh about our old stupid fights when we see each other next, rather than give each other the “Tough guy look”, from across the bar.  He was completely thrown off and I believe he didn’t take me serious right away but after some messaging back and forth, we worked it out and since have become pals.

I know some people have more intense stories of failed relationships and held grudges, but still, I say, find a way to forgive.  Call your Dad, email your sister; do whatever you need to do to initiate the conversation and resolve your disputes.


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