How to Avoid Packing on Pounds in the Winter

With the winter approaching, people always seem to be a little more nonchalant about their eating habits, drinking habits  and overall health habits.  I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be.

Today’s #TOD: This is going to be somewhat of a play by play you should perform:

  1. Step on a scale and configure your weight
  2. Determine whether this is a weight you want or one that needs change
  3. Figure a weight that you want to be at and set a goal
  4. Weigh yourself everyday or every other day (if you have the availability)
  5. Be healthy this winter
  • Eat Right
  • Work out

Put together some workout program and diet program.  Weather to chilly to get out and go to the gym?  No problem.  We will post this week about the perfect ways to turn your home into a gym.  Stay tuned.

It’s easy to coop up, play video games and eat fast food with the winter rolling around.  Find ways to break out of your lazy habits and keep yourself looking and feeling great this winter.


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