Before You Bundle Up- Part II

So you’ve got your vest, you’ve got your sport coat and now you still are finding yourself a bit chilly during these mid-fall days.  How else can you stay warm,stay stylish, while still leaving your overcoat in the closet?

Gloves.  I know… How clever right?  So simple, yet so many people do not wear gloves.  If you’ve never worn them in your life, it is hard to all of a sudden make the transition.  There are many forms of gloves that you can rock:

  • NorthFace Etip gloves- The perfect solution to this cooler seasonal change.  North Face Etip gloves are a light glove that have the index finger and thumb made with a special material that allows you to use your iPhone with the gloves still on.Tired of trying to operate the click wheel on your music player with bulky gloves? Can’t seem to dial the right number?  Not to worry.  With Etip gloves:

    • Comfortably work your laptop touch pad, MP3 player, or cell phone with warm hands
    • Works well with touch-screen devices
    • Silicone grip pattern on palm for added grip
  • Colored Wool gloves-  Sick of the same old black looking gloves?  Not to worry.  Check stores like Gap, J Crew, and Jack Spade to see their selection of colored gloves to perk up your style before you get into full winter gear.  
  • Leather Gloves- Leather gloves are usually saved for the winter, yes.  But it’s not too soon to whip out a nice pair of driving gloves or leather winter gloves to stay warm and stay stylish.

** We are sold on the colored wool gloves.  Go for it. **


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