What Politicians Do When Their Candidate Loses

Early November rolls around, and the citizens of the United States of America are starting to become aware of the results of the election.  You quickly realize that your candidate, the one who you’ve done nothing but argue for and defend, is going to lose.  All that bitching you’ve done, all those eye rolls you’ve received from others, all those simple conversations that you have had that turned into arguments, have all been proven to be overruled by the mass population.  

You lost, your nominee is out of the job, deal with it.  If you find yourself around the Republican or Democratic parties after either of their aspirant’s has lost, here’s what you should expect from your overenthusiastic political acquaintances:

  1. Fully expect to hear whining and complaining about how terrible the next four years will be and how much better they would have been, had their candidate won.
  2. Expect to see their true Republican/Democratic sides come out even more.  You think those bumper stickers are coming off?  No way.  Expect to see more stickers, more signs, and more social media broadcasting.  
  3. Expect to hear how when these four year’s are up, that the country has the opportunity to get back in order when the opposing party has a fair shot at office.  
  4. Bitching- Expect more bitching.

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