Before You Bundle Up- Part I

As you wake from your bed and peer out your window, you realize that the glass is frosted over.  As you wipe it down, you see that your car windows are frosted over and that there is dew on the grass.  Face it, cold weather is among us.  Not quite ready to start throwing on those big, down jackets, sweaters, and more?  No problem.  With this winter approaching, we are here to teach you how to leave the oversized jacket in the closet for as long as possible.

Vests are back.  Learn to rock the vest the way it deserves to be rocked.  Obviously a vest for a three piece suit is great, but that is not what I am talking about.  I’m speaking more about vests with a wind-breaker-type shell that is meant to keep you warm.  There is a specific form behind a proper-fitting men’s vest.  Avoid the big shell vest that you used to wear ten years ago.  The vest should not be overly poofy.  You should be able to wear your vest underneath a jacket, sport coat, or even suit coat (as long as it is not tailored to fit you very slim- which I like).  I’m not big on vests, alone, but I do like the look and feel when worn underneath a jacket. Here are a few J Crew vests:

Shop online or visit your favorite fashionable stores that you suspect will carry a new line of vests.  Modern technology allows for new jackets and vests to be very light, yet very warm.  The material that companies like The North Face uses in their jackets is unbelievably light, but secludes in your body heat under the jacket to keep you as warm as possible while wearing something so light.  

After you have found a vest that works for you, find an outfit that you can rock it with. Pull out an old washer T that you bought from J Crew years back, rock a nice, thin to medium width tie (that goes along with the shirt), throw your new vest on over it, and put on your best sport coat over it all.  You can mix in any type of jacket to throw on over the best.  Do not feel that once you put the vest on that it serves as your last layer of warmth.  Jackets can be worn over vests and can look quite dapper when doing so.  *A big benefit of vests underneath sport coats are that they will not make your jacket sleeves bigger and more full.*

Feeling especially cold?  Wrap a scarf around your neck and tuck it into your vest.  Either leave the jacket open or close it up.  Either way, the tucked scarf will compliment nicely.  


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