The Bad News Bills

This article I am about to post is one that I wrote on December 11 of 2011.  It was my preach to how the Buffalo Bills could become better than they are.  I must add in that I feel the Bills now have a dominant, two-running back-system, and that gives them something to cheer on, however, I feel that we will continue to see the same old Buffalo Bills for some time to come.  In my younger days, I was as big of a Bills fan as it gets.  As I have grown older and wiser, I have steered away from being a big Buffalo fan.  I may or may not find myself rooting for an infamous number 12 out of New England Massachusetts, but we will save that for another day.  Here is what I wrote way back when… I’d like some focus on number 2, considering all the talk that I am hearing today:


Any time the Bills are rated, consider it overrated.  I said it in the preseason, I said it on opening day, I even said it while the Bills were hot for the first 6 weeks.  My famous quote heard around the city, “Better record, same old Bills.”

The Bills have been unbearably bad for far too long now.  Not just unbearably, but so boringly bad.  They are bad to the point that they get no media recognition.  They aren’t going 0-16 or 1-15, instead they go 6-10, 5-11, or 7-9.  Be bad to the point where you get some draft picks or media recognition for your badness.

The Bills upset the Patriots this year and everyone from Buffalo reacted as if they were heading to the Super Bowl.  They even put up a fight with the mediocre new York Giants.  Listen up fans, they aren’t good and haven’t been since Jim Kelly was around.  I could make several serious points to their ‘overrated-ness’ during that era as well like how weak the AFC was and how dominant the NFC was, winning 13 straight Super Bowl titles from 1985-1997, but we won’t go there.  When they are going to have a good season, don’t worry, I’ll have it predicted, otherwise, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

My solutions to making the Bills a better team:

1. SELL THEM-  Buffalo fans are miserable enough as it is.  Put them out of their misery and give LA a football team.  It’s only a matter of time before it happens.  If the Jaguars beat them to it, so be it, sell them somewhere else.

2. Put a roof over the Ralph-  I’m no architect, but it if it can be done, do it.  It certainly doesn’t look possible, but who knows?  Otherwise build a new one with a roof.  The city as a whole becomes this nightmare of a place once the cold weather comes around.  Do the athletes a favor and let them play in doors.  Notice a trend of these Bills hot streaks we’ve seen over the past years?  Once that cold weather comes around and Mother nature takes a dump on the city, the Bills just get bad.  For those of you that are going to say, “I love being at those blizzard games to party and watch my team”, I say, you’re all drunks.  You go there to drink and party and then leave burnt out and dejected.  Is it really worth it for the constant letdown?

3. Get a Quarterback-  Good idea Buffalo.  Let’s put all of our faith in a guy who is and has been a backup quarterback for all of his career.  Let’s invest $59 million over six years, with $24 million guarenteed, because he had a hot start to the 2011 season.  Are you regretting this move yet?  Are you fans realizing that it was a bad move yet?  I don’t know why people love Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Is it because of that disgusting beard he grows like he is a hockey player in the playoffs?  Is it because he is a Harvard grad?  Is it because he is bad?

4. There are so many arguments and adjustments that could be spoken of, from the defense, to the coaching, to the offensive line.  You pick, they all need work.

The Buffalo Bills have really been through it all.  4 Super Bowls and no ring might be worse than the Chicago Cubs current curse.  Currently on an 11 season drought from the playoffs, and not to mention that Music City Miracle in their last playoff game, which is enough to make me and every Buffalo Bills fan cry, the Bills are at a constant struggle.

I think it’s the constant let down that really throws everyone off.  Why people have high hopes in the early Fall is beyond me.  Those hopes are always shot down come December.  These 6-10 finishes are getting a little old.

I really can’t see the Bills being a team that opponents are not thrilled to see on their schedules any time soon.


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