For the Ladies- Foods to Eat During “That Time”

Guys, here are a few things to know when your woman is hitting that time of the month.  Ladies, here’s a few tips we think you’ll find useful: A list of foods and drinks you should and should not avoid:

Avoid Coffee.  Coffee serves as a natural diuretic and can easily upset an already upset stomach.  For you coffee drinkers, you may want to try and find another solution for a few days.

Drink Plenty of Water.  Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps your body relieve bloating and helps flush out your system.

Avoid Sodium.  Sodium is almost impossible to avoid, but try and minimize sodium intake.  Already bloated?  Well sodium will not help.  Sodium retains water in your body and can make you appear puffy and (even more) bloated than you already are.

Eat Greek Yogurt.  Greek Yogurt has plenty of health benefits as it is, but the calcium that your body receives through eating Greek Yogurt helps everything flow correctly in your body.

Take Vitamins.  Try a version of a women’s multi vitamin that you take once a day.  If that upsets your stomach, try a children’s multi-vitamin.  Be sure to take vitamins on a full stomach.


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