Tip of the Day- Some Fatherly Advice

Today’s Tip of the Day is for the dads out there: Teach your son a proper handshake.

No one respects the man who goes in and gives a weak handshake.  If first impressions are made with the way you look, second impressions are made with a man’s handshake.

A handshake should be given like so:

  1. Use your right hand only when giving handshakes
  2. Extend your right hand out with your fingers spread
  3. Make contact with the other individual’s right hand and squeeze firmly
  4. Make eye contact while shaking the person’s hand
  5. Do not break contact with the individual’s hand until the “Introduction phase,” is over
  6. Do not shake up and down excessively.  It is called a handshake, but really it is all about the grip.  Shaking is sometimes not even necessary. 
  7. Release the grip and continue conversation

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