Best Breakfasts for a Healthy Body

It has grown to become somewhat of a cliché to hear people say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but the fact is that it is a truly essential meal and probably is the most important.  There are many truths to a good breakfast that people do not understand.

Your body can be compared to that of a car.  It cannot run without efficient fuel.  Ingestion of a healthy meal in the morning can kick start your day like you wouldn’t believe.  So many of these energy drink commercials often tell you that your grogginess and well-being can be fixed at the sip of a caffeine fueled drink.  However, what people tend to forget is that with proper protein ingestion, your body can kick the tired feeling without taking in caffeine.

Here are a few breakfast supplies you can mix together and see how they have you feeling throughout the day:

  1. Egg Whites- Make them with some lean ham, turkey, or turkey bacon.  Throw on a light amount of cheese and you’ve got yourself a healthy egg white omelet.  If you’re like me you’ll want onions, peppers, and any other veggies you can fit in.  **Can be found at your local Wegman’s**
  2.  Fruit- Fruits contain the natural sugar, fructose, so be sure to intake fruit accordingly.  That being said, start your day off with any sort of fruit intake.  Bananas are great for your first meal, packed with potassium and vitamins that are great for heart health.
  3. Greek Yogurt- Greek Yogurt is loaded with protein, a great source of calcium, serves as a great digestive boost, and is a rather filling, light meal/snack.
  4. Eggs with Asparagus- I know this is probably a stretch for some people, but it is a great combination.  Pan-sear or bake some asparagus to the texture you desire, sprinkle some parmesan cheese over, and place cooked eggs (scrambled or sunny side up) over the asparagus or vice versa and boom, a lovely meal.
  5. Oats- Make yourself a low sugar, oatmeal, with some fruit and flaxseed and you’ve got a delicious morning meal.
  6. Granola- Be careful with granola, for many contain way too much sugar and way too many calories.  You MUST inspect the nutrition facts when purchasing granola.  After you’ve found a good match, mix with some Greek yogurt and sliced fruit.

On days you are feeling off, eat what makes you happy.  This may require you to whip up those pancakes or mow down that cereal, but go for it.  When you need to cheat on your diet, do it responsibly.  I’ll never tell anyone to stop eating cereal.  Who are we kidding?  It is too damn good.


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