Tip of the Day- Learn to Live Without Regret

One thing so many people are guilty of, is focusing on the things they have done wrong and letting it affect their every day lives.  The old, cliche, phrase can be said in 100 different ways but let me lay it out:  What’s done is done.  The past is the past.  Find a reason to benefit and learn from the faults that you have once acted upon in your lives.  

Everyone is destined for greatness.  Some have it handed to them on a silver plate and some are forced to work their asses off to get there, yet we all have the capability to be something great.  That is why, focusing on your negatives in the past does nothing beneficial for your future.  Instead of looking at those slip-ups as the worst things that you’ve done, try and find a way to seek out the positives.  Learn from those wrongs and make them life lessons!  Once a cheater, liar, thief, juvenile delinquent, alcoholic, or anything that fits your past?  So what?!  Fuck it!  Be you now!  Don’t become what you once were, again.  Learn from it.  Become positive and healthy.

Whether people realize it or not, some things, do in fact happen for a reason.  Call them a blessing in disguise or whatever you may have it, but there are ways to seek out good in the things you have once thought were so bad.

We all have some moments in history that we are not ready to brag about.  Don’t beat yourself up.  EVERYONE does!


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