Tip of the Day- Learn to be Unaffected by the Words of Others

So often we see very harsh criticism to the very biggest of celebrities.  From Barack Obama to Alex Rodriguez, the media and fans can be overpoweringly harsh.  However, if you are like the rest of the population, you realize that censure (criticism) exists in your everyday life as well.  Whether it is a co-worker bashing your boss or your sibling criticizing mom’s cooking, it’s always around all the time.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Find ways to become unaffected by the words of others.  In most cases, criticism comes when people are annoyed or upset.   Accept criticism if it is constructive and learn from it, but if it is not, our advice is to find a way to block out all negative words by others.  Don’t let someone who is scolding you, simply because they are having a bad day, put you down.  Other people’s negativity is not your problem!  Block it out.  Find those ways to stay positive and boost your mood and ego by hindering the things that will not make you feel better. 

Take Lebron James for example: Once public enemy number one, he has now emerged as a star and has seen significantly less criticism from the media and the fans.  Don’t think this was all an easy path for him.  Lebron James has been criticized more than any athlete and arguably any person over the last 5 years of his life.  So what did he do?  He blocked out all the negativity!

Lebron James decided to stay away from Twitter, stay away from Facebook, turn off (or at least mute) the TV when people were bashing him, and more.  He found his way to tune out the bad and make it good.  How much can one person take of constant condemnation that you have let your fans, teammates, and coaches down?  How much negative energy can one soak in from paying attention to meaningless media reports and fan complaints?  Lebron decided that enough was enough, and blocked out things that were upsetting him.

My guess is that you don’t take as much heat as Lebron James does, but my advice is to follow his lead.  As silly as it may sound, going through parts of your life with a, “So what?” attitude can be great.  Who cares what people are saying behind your back (or to your face)?  Do what makes you happy.  And in doing such, find a way to shut out the pessimism that is brought to you by others.


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