10 Foods Great For Your Skin

What people usually fail to notice is that often, how you look and how you feel, lies in what you eat.  Cancers, illnesses, bad skin, wrinkles, and more are most commonly brought on by what we eat over a period of time.  I am here to tell you 10 great foods to keep your skin looking healthy, young, and clear.

1. Mangoes- Mangoes are absolute delicious, so this will be no sort of a chore to eat this Super Food.  Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A which is necessary to maintain healthy skin and repair skin tissue.  Without proper Vitamin A, your skin will dry up and become flaky.

2. Almonds- Try to avoid salted almonds and go 100% healthy with regular (unsalted/not roasted) almonds.  Not only healthy for your heart and help lower cholesterol, they provide a healthy does of vitamin E, an antioxidant they protects skin cells from UV rays.

TIP- An ounce of almonds provides half the daily dose of reccomended vitamin E.  Sunflower seeds and peanuts are also a good choice.  Like I said, avoid high sodium levels by purchasing unsalted nuts.

3. Flaxseed- I am big on taking flaxseed oil and fish oil in a pill form, but there are other ways to ingest these products.  Flaxseed contains Omega 3 fatty acids that are there for skin repairs and moisture content.

4. Sweet Potatoes- Not only are sweet potatoes a super food that produce natural energy for the human body, but they are great for your skin.  They contain antioxidants that convert to Vitamin A in your body.  This produces new skin cells for your body.

5. Avocados- Avocados are a great source for B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin on the inside and on the out.  They also contain important oils for the skin tone and complexion.  Avocados contain lots of Niacin (Vitamin B), which is an anti-inflammatory and it soothes skin and repairs red, blotchy areas.

6. Green Tea- A popular theme with these foods/drinks is antioxidants.  Green tea has plenty, and since it is a liquid, tea runs through your body and cleanses it, while bringing in rich, healthy antioxidants.  Drink green tea hot or cold and you should see clearer skin over time.

7. Berries- Very rich in antioxidants.  Eat as a breakfast a few times a week or as a healthy snack ultimatum when you normally are reaching for that junk food.

8. Fish- Fish contain the most premiere source of omega-3 fatty acids and are loaded with anti-inflammatory eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaeonic (DHA).  What your skin to clear up?  Start eating some fish.  Particularly salmon, tuna, snapper, sardines, and anchovies will keep you blemish free.

9. Whole Wheat/Grains- Fiber-packed whole grains are another acne zapping food. They carry lots of fiber and antioxidants that are great for fighting away acne.

10. Green Vegeatables (Broccoli & Spinach)- Green veggies are loaded with inflammation-fighting nutrients and lots of antioxidants.  Most green vegeatables contain plenty of fiber, which allows your blood sugar level to be slowed after eating.


8 thoughts on “10 Foods Great For Your Skin

  1. This is all I ever eat and my face is covered in acne. But I will say these foods make me feel good in other areas. I sleep well, feel good, and have nice BMs.

    • Not to say these foods are not good for your skin, but sometimes there is nothing you can do if you have bad skin is all I am saying.

      • You are a true professional! Your kinendss, humor, and easy going nature are much appreciated. Your space is fun and clean- very important. As crazy as it may sound- I actually look forward to our appts even though a wax is not usually thought of as a super enjoyable time;) Thanks Amanda!. Lisa1/15/2011

    • I mix the clay on the spot and just use what I need so I don’t refrigerate it no. Also, I remmeocnd the sibu or just natural skin care soap I noticed that dr bronner’s make’s my skin dry a little bit too you can use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer to balance your skin out but check out those two soaps Look on my channel search the vids for facial soap and you’ll find the vids where I talk about them and link to them in the description thanks for question!

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